'Accelerator Virtual Assistant'

experience to help you accelerate and grow your business dynamically

Our AVA will help you

Stay Focused

Stop Doing the Things in Business

that You Really Don’t want to.

Focus on Results that Really Matter!

Save Time

  Reclaim 20 hours a week and

Re-invest that Time to Grow your Business or to Spend Time with your Family

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Enjoy the Peace of Mind ensured by our World Class Professionals who will drive your Business Projects to Completion on Time

Do you feel that you are not finding enough time to complete your business projects?

Are you struggling with a huge “to-do” list and very little time?

Do you feel that hiring an efficient business assistant is too expensive?

Have you felt that you are having lesser and lesser time for your personal life and hobbies as years roll by?

Do you feel that you should have been further along in your business?

If any of this is True,

then our AVA Experience is designed for you!

If you are a Business Owner and Requires Help on your Projects including Sales Support and Advertising then our AVA plan is for you.

If you are a Budding Entrepreneur, our AVA can help you with your Digital Marketing Campaign, Website Creation, Online Research and all the Admin/Secretarial tasks

If you are a Working Professional who Strives Hard to Keep up a Busy Office Schedule, then book an AVA and Delegate your Tasks to her!

Some of our clients have been featured in

Check out what our clients say

I worked with "Devi" from the AVA team.She was a great communicator, very punctual, reliable and efficient. I delegated my business tasks to her and she was working diligently while I slept!

I am really happy with the service these guys provided me. Keep rocking!

Robert Love, PhD
Founder Dr. Love's Smart Chocolate,
Eagle Scout,
National Bestselling Author,
Colorado, United States

I love my Virtual Assistant, "Shwetha '' from AVA group. She handles my emails, phone calls, spreadsheets and my business tasks. She is really good at what she's doing! There's so much

more time and peace of mind now. I thank the AVA team for this wonderful support!

Great work deserves great reward!

James. R. Elliot
Board designated NLP Trainer
Holistic Nutritionist
Professional Public Speaker
Ontario, Canada

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

In Today’s fast paced Business World, it’s imperative that you stay on top of the game, no matter what. But as we all have just 24hours in a day to juggle between our personal and professional lives, Avant Garde Solutions are required to Accelerate our Growth in a much lesser time. This is where hiring a Virtual Assistant comes into play. AVA will save you precious time, will help you save money, and help you focus on what really matters.

But, we at AVA, are not just providing you a Classic Virtual Assistant, but an Accelerator Virtual Assistant as well!
Someone who can be your Lifetime Project Manager, so that you can dedicate more time to your family, your hobbies and your vacations!
Our AVA will help you source vendors for all your professional requirements from any part of the world.
While a normal Virtual Assistant could cost you anywhere between $5000 to $10,000 per month, we are offering the service of our AVA to you at just $750 to $2000 per month, based on the skill sets and the hours that you require.
To have one of our agents to call you back, please drop a line to: ava@acceleratorva.com

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