The AVA Story

3 years ago, our Director, an International Best seller and Business Strategist living in Florida -United States decided to delegate his admin and research tasks to a Virtual Assistant to save his time and efforts.To his surprise, he found out that hiring an efficient VA in the US job market was not as easy as he thought.

The obstacles that he faced were many.

● The average VA did not give much importance to the totality of the project.

● They were not skilled enough to handle multiple projects.

● Most of them had to be micromanaged to get the tasks done on time.

● They charged exorbitant rates!

● In short, they did not give a damn about his business!

After trying out 3 different VAs over the course of one year, he decided that he had had enough and started to think of innovative solutions to this problem.

It was then, that he decided to hire a VA and provide her exhaustive training in different subject matters, tools and platforms for almost 2 months before putting her to work. (Of course, she was paid during the training period!)

This proved out to be a success and she turned out to be hugely instrumental in much of his business success till date.

Gradually, new VAs joined the team and some of the advanced candidates were promoted as AVAs (Accelerator Virtual Assistant*)

Today, we have a huge number of happy clients throughout the United States, Europe and even the United Kingdom,enjoying business success, peace of mind and that extra family time which they all rightfully deserve!

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