Here are some of the tasks that our AVA could assist you with...

Business Tasks

Manage the business calendar.

Respond to emails and phone calls.

Schedule meetings

Manage a contact list.

Prepare spreadsheets and keep online records.

Research on various topics.

Create presentations as per the client's requirement

Social Media Management.

Post blogs, images and videos on online platforms and websites.

Summarize the content of a video in very short, written capsules.

Book summary : Read a book and summarize it in a 5-10 minute voice clip.

Proof read the documents before publication

Arrange sales calls on behalf of the client.

Initiate and manage zoom calls and record them.

Create and manage community groups.

Personal Tasks

Manage the personal calendar and appointments.

Manage the travel plans and itinerary.

Flight Booking.

Book Airbnb / Hotel rooms.

Event Planning.

Order home appliances.

Manage online booking of products and services.

Manage personal finance.

Organize bills , invoices and monthly payment schedules.

Reservations for parties and get-together functions.

Dropbox / Google Drive organization.

Data entry in Word of Google Docs

Document template creation.

Manage personal spreadsheets and files.

Co-ordination Tasks

Our AVAs will assist you with the co-ordination of:

Software Development

Website Designing

Email Server Requirements

App Development

Graphic Designing


Video/Audio Editing

Voice Over Projects

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Sales Automation

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